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Memories - Inaugural Event, 2022

Darren Clark Jr
Darren Clark Jr & Dre
Loving memory of Darren Clark Jr. Love, Dre
"I will always love you forever brother, please keep watching over me while you're resting in paradise ❤ I’ll see you soon 🙏"
Ricky Godoy
From sister
"In loving memory of Ricky"
Kenny Baker
Kenny Baker
"Love. Mom"
Rahjan L. Alston
Rahjan L. Alston
I and I, you and you, us both and you both, making we both.... Monique Lopez
Marisa Rincón
Marisa V Rincón
From Dee Rincón, Mother
"Marisa's Voice ~
Fight for Life! My family and community saved me by being at my side for the first two years. I chose to be constructive to honor Marisa by becoming a mental health advocate, giving hopeful presentations, and exhibiting Marisa's beautiful artwork"
Cory Wiegand
Cory Wiegand
Cory Wiegand
From parents
"Our precious son, Cory Wiegand, 34, struggled for years with depression, anxiety and panic attacks until it overwhelmed him and took his life in December 2017. He had a bigger-than-life personality and we miss him terribly. We hope he has found the peace that eluded him on Earth. Since his death, our family decided to talk openly, shed light and reduce the stigma around mental illness and suicide. To all of you struggling, it'll get better. You are not alone."

Quotes from Attendees of the Inaugural Event - January 7th 2022

"I truly appreciate everyone who have pushed pass the unspeakable pain to share their stories today. It has and does help us to understand what to look for and give us tools to use to help our loved ones pain. One day at a time."
"We treasure the “Invisible Pain Event” that you moderated virtually on behalf of NAMI. To have have talked up close and personal with the parents of those who took their lives due to invisible pain in addition to survivors, is unforgettable. We hope that it can be repeated again to a larger attendance. Great Event!"​
"It is so helpful to share space with others who have experienced such pain. I appreciated the opportunity to attend and participate."
"Tremendous thanks to those generous folks who shared with all of us in the effort to minimize the pain for others."
"Thank you to the speakers. This is so valuable."​
"On behalf of the North Brunswick Police Department Thank you for sharing your powerful stories, it’s an honor to listen to each of you. Your hard work is appreciated🙌"
"Thank you so much to the speakers and all of this content! ❤👏👏"
"Thank you to you all for sharing your stories and great resources."​
"Thank you so much to all that spoke and shared wonderful resources!"
"A wonderful emotional program. Thank everyone for sharing their stories and resources."
"👏👏👏👏👏❤Very powerful"​
"When we care for each other, no one is without care"
"Thank you to everyone for their heartfelt sharing and resources highlighted"
"Very heartfelt, well organized. Thank you for everyone’s effort. Be blessed abundantly!"​
"Wonderful event. Well done and thank you ❤ "
"Thank you Deirdre for organizing this meaningful, important event! <3"
"Sending virtual hugs to everyone here. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! "

Memories - 2023

Quotes from the 2023 Event

It was a very powerful and moving day. Thanks for allowing Union County IFSS to be a part of it!
Having lived experience with suicidality, made me incredibly sensitive to the family members. I've mostly been with suicidal people. I was very inspiring to see how the other side lives. It helped me to realize how horrible it would be for others if I took my life.
I spent a good deal of the day crying with the parents who survived a child of suicide.
You are not alone!
It was a deeply touching and healing event where so many came forward to give and receive support. And great teamwork!
This would be a powerful and positive event to attend
Great job NAMI
This event was great! THe speakers were courageous to share their own experiences. I definitely learned a lot and I found good resources for my adult children and anyone I can help in moments of distress and silent sufferings they go through.
I can’t wait for the next one!
Know that YOU'RE NOT ALONE! People care and are there to support you during this horrific time for you and your family
As somebody who suffered some losses in our family I empathize with you all.Please continue to take care of your mental health and encourage others who are going through the same challenges in life to seek help.
I was HONORED to attend this event and provide some support and resources for families going through this enormous and horrific experience.
Gather with like people. Share you stories and love on each other.
Being a consumer with lived experience, particularly suicidal ideation, I found it very profound and vital that parents' were so willing to share their despair over their losses.
I had an amazing time and had fun meeting the families.